Top Mentally Challenging Sports

When it comes to sports, having a strong mental strength is as vital as having a fit physique. Pressure can affect the top sports stars and therefore mental training is a vital skill to possess. With sports psychology a growing field of study, a lot of athletes are looking for someone that are able to improve their mental game. Here we discuss some of the most mentally challenging spots.

1. Poker

Every professional poker player knows that there are many variances in the game. This is the main reason why it is a really long game. The ability to deal with ups and downs of the game and still able to perform is a showcase of mental toughness.
Poker performance are highly affected by psychological ups and downs. When the mental toughness drops, you are most likely going to play poorly and the other way around. The main goal of any athletes is to build a strong mental strength that helps you perform consistently over all the challenges you face.

2. Swimming

It might be surprising that swimming made it this high in the list. Many swimming competitors fall into 7 days sabotage cycle. This will cause uncertainty and build up stress which is very unhealthy for the candidate. For this particular sport, competition is mostly 90% mental because there is very little to separate between the candidates in terms of physique. 
Swimming is all about routines and practice, most of the swimmers observe and record down their races and overall performance after race day. This will help them grow in terms of skills and also be more mentally prepared.

3. Gymnastics

Gymnastics is one of the most challenging sports in the world. Just by watching the gymnast perform their tricks in videos, we know that one takes up so much time to practice to be able to execute such flawless moves. Other than the hardcore training they went through, the amount of pressure they are sustaining are substantial.
Gymnastics are all about the movements, precision and timing. Therefore, gymnasts practice the same movement thousands of time to achieve the perfect timing and posture. They could not afford any mental breakdown during the performance.

4. Golf

Golf is included in the list as one of the most mentally challenging sports in the world. Professional or rookie, it can be a really enjoyable port to play or the most distressing. Anyone that plays gold will definitely will have a challenging experience.
Golfers prepare their mental focus by having pre-round or pre-shot routine and plan how they can perform the best. Golf is a game of snowball, when things go well, it will get better. Inversely, when things do not go right, it will get worsen. This is why golfers must have a strong mental game.

5. Tennis

Tennis is no exception to one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports in the world. Many pro players have a hard time with the sabotage and the nervousness before a tournament. Similarly to golf, tennis need extreme focus as the right contact with the ball makes a drastic difference.
Many pro players have excellent psychologists along their side to help them bounce back from these situations, but when you are on the court and things are not going to plan, the mental and physical stress can be a very lonely experience.